New Design

The solution for apartment dwellers. Vertical grow towers hidden inside cabinet underneath fish tank so visitors will only see a fish tank. Efficient light conservation. Entirely automated. Best suited for lettuce and herbs.

Improved design with greater efficiency

Better power and energy efficiency. Plants grown organically from fish waste. Fish produce waste which is converted by bacteria into nitrates which feed the plants. Plants consume nutrients in the water and recycle back to fish tanks in closed loop ecosystem.

The Old Systems

Proof of concept and older system designs including the crawfish farming system which produced about 60-80 crawfish about every 10 months in 6'x18" aquarium

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Mini system

Bedroom lettuce setup

Mini 18 gallon LED system for lettuce and peppers.

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Crawfish harvest

Crawfish harvest.

Done in 6'x18" aquarium. Produced around 60 plate size crawfish in 10 months.

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System 2

System 2 proof of concept

System 2 proof of concept crawfish farm. Tried feeding crawfish off vegetables grown from system and ran into low protein to ammonia conversion switch back to commercial fish feed.